An abridged, printable version of my résumé can be downloaded here.

Core Skills

  • Circuit Design & Embedded Systems
  • Software (Python, C/C++, MATLAB)
  • System Architecture and Modeling
  • Control Systems, Sensing, and Actuation
  • Machine Design - CAD, manufacturing

Secondary Skills

  • Web (HTML/CSS, Django, SQL ORMs)
  • Rapid Prototyping & Additive Manufacturing
  • Communication, Planning & Management
  • Mass & Heat Transfer

Work Experience

Senior Electrical Engineer [February 2020 - Present; BioLite]

Electrical Engineer [February 2019 - February 2020; BioLite]

Biolite develops multiple products a year in the outdoors and renewable energy markets. As an electrical engineer, I work closely with all facets of the product development team to deliver tightly integrated products on aggressive timelines. In additional to the usual microcontrollers and digital electronics, these products make heavy use of power converters and battery tech. As a veteran of the consumer product space, I've contributed guidance in process and tools to help the company grow, which has earned me recognition as a senior engineer.

Freelance Hardware Engineer [January 2016 - Present; various]

I deliver a variety of services for my customers, usually PCBA design or tools/libraries written in Python. Clients will tell you I'm responsive, insightful, and professional. Technologies I've interacted with in this line of work include databases, motion tracking, industrial controls, Bluetooth, batteries, wearables, and a few other nifty things. I'm equipped for hand assembly, rework, and debugging of surface mount designs.

Electrical Engineer [January 2016 - February 2019; littleBits]

Daily work varied widely between things like designing PCBA, writing firmware, and evaluating opportunity areas for increasing customer value. Skills involved are electrical engineering, simulation, embedded software, sourcing & operations, automation, and miscellaneous lab skills. Design of product (bits) was divided among all engineers, including myself. Favorite designs of mine were o25 DC Motor (low-cost H-bridge) and i16 Pulse (for its simplicity).

I was originally employed as a Sustaining Engineer, during which time my work revolved around the continuous improvement and support of our products and processes. I was eventually promoted to Electrical Engineer and assumed ownership of our test systems. As part of my responsibilities, I assisted with process validation at our overseas contract manufacturer. I also became very active in system-level architecture and design conversations near the end of my tenure.

Systems & Sensing Engineer [Summers '14, '15; Empire Robotics]

I was responsible for major aspects of internal test stand development, which require extensive work with embedded systems, communication protocols, and Python. I also head product development for upcoming sensing products, which included mechanical design as well as board design. These latter projects also involve interfacing with machine shops and contractors handling assembly tasks.

Product Supply Engineering Intern [Summer '13; Procter & Gamble]

Worked in Family Care on innovation of paper converting processes. Work focused on characterizing SLA resins and exploring/prototyping technologies to texture Charmin and Bounty products.

Technical Intern [Summer '12; BAE Systems]

Thermal analysis and prognostics of power electronics in hybrid drive systems. Included heavy use of MATLAB to automate existing algorithms for easy processing of existing data via GUI.


  • M.Eng. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Cornell, Fall 2015; GPA 4.06)
  • B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Cornell, Spring 2015; GPA 3.79)

Research & Projects

Bitblox Assembler Project [Fall 2012 - Spring 2015]

I worked with Rob MacCurdy at Cornell to design a system which automatically assembles his BitBlox, which are a digital material similar to modular electronic "LEGOs". Involved mechanical, electrical, and software design. Second author on paper in International Journal of Robotics Research.

Fab@Home FDM Systems [Fall 2011 - Spring 2012]

I designed FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) tools based on stepper motors for use in the Fab@Home "Model 3" 3D printer. I also designed a suitable build surface for use in ABS printing. Paper here.


In high school, I was Electronics Captain and Build Team Manager of FIRST Robotics Team 639. That turned out to be valuable systems engineering experience that I carry to this day. I also followed the Project Lead The Way curriculum and designed a 3D printer for my capstone project. I was assistant to Prof. Eugene Dynkin from 2009 to 2015, with whom I designed and maintained solutions for his personal computers and data. I also held two retail jobs in high school - one at a grocery store, the other at Staples.