Freelance Work

Services Offered

Several years ago, old colleagues started asking me for help with various projects. It started with 3D modeling and printing, and expanded into software and embedded electronics as my skill set grew. My customers have included individual entrepreneurs, startups, and engineering firms. I'm now a professional operation working under my own LLC and with the informal freelance collective. If you have an idea or want to make something and don't know where to start, start with me! I have the skills to prototype most products, and the industry knowledge to point you to the right resources and hires if it's beyond me. I can do all of the following for you:

  • Design, assemble, and write firmware for electronics (PCBAs)
  • Write test scripts and other software tools
  • Design and prototype a product, machine, or device
  • Interface with distributors and manufacturers to get things made
  • Consult on various aspects of your project

Contact and Rates

I am open to work with individuals and businesses in the US, preferably in the Northeast. If you're interested in what I have to offer, send me an email using the contact page. I will email you back and we'll discuss the scope of your needs to see if I'm a good match for you. If so, I will draft up an agreement for you and we can get started. Depending on the nature of the project, I will either charge by the hour (with or without cap), by stipend upon completion, or in rare cases, in equity or the like. I'm frequently told that my rates are considered competitive for my industry and abilities.

Agreement & Legal

The simplest way to work with me is a-la-carte; provide me with your contractor boilerplate, and I'll do work for you on request if I have availability. For project-oriented work, I will work with you to develop a proposal or requirements document, which will be included in an agreement or statement of work. I can also provide a template agreement which covers objectives, scheduling, compensation, IP rights, NDA and non-compete. As an independent contractor, I maintain a 1099 relationship to you and am responsible for my own income tax.