Who I Am

I'm Anthony McNicoll, a multi-purpose engineer currently employed at littleBits in NYC. I was born in Quebec, Canada and immigrated to Seattle, WA when I was young. I moved to Ithaca, NY in high school, where I was first introduced to engineering, design, and robotics. I then transitioned nicely to Cornell's College of Engineering and working in the Creative Machines Lab. I graduated magna cum laude in Spring 2015, and got my M.Eng in December 2015.

What I Know

My core competencies are in robotics, systems, and automation. To me that also implies machine design, dynamics, control systems, computer science, and other fun things. I've picked up considerable electronics and software engineering skills through various personal and professional projects. My education was in mechanical engineering, so I am also knowledgeable in materials, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics. I am committed to seeking out opportunities to expand the depth and breadth of my abilities.

What I Do

I gravitate towards problems and projects which require multidisciplinary insight - problems which require you to learn new skills and apply clever problem solving techniques. Historically, these tend to be projects related to machine design, automation, and mechatronics. As a result, I have experience in circuit design, all sorts of programming (embedded, scientific, web, application), data analysis, optimization, the design process, and documentation. My status as a competent "jack of all trades" has historically made me valuable to small companies and independent inventors who have unknown or changing needs.

Many people in the software world are familiar with full-stack developers, who can spin up an entire digital product from infrastructure, to backend, to UI. I'm like that, but for hardware. I'll do everything from firmware, to boards, to mechanisms, to enclosures.

Where I've Been

My life as an engineer started in FIRST Robotics Team 639. In the Creative Machines Lab at Cornell, I worked on the Fab@Home project with Jeff Lipton, and later on the Bitblox Project with Rob MacCurdy. I have held internships at BAE Systems, Procter & Gamble, and Empire Robotics. I have done projects for Formlabs, Seraph Robotics, RightHand Robotics, and many others. I've also been a teaching assistant for Cornell's classes in mechatronics, design, and system dynamics. I'm currently busy changing the world as a hardware engineer at littleBits.