Who I Am

I'm a multitalented hardware engineer currently located in Brooklyn. I was born in Quebec, grew up in Seattle, and studied in Ithaca at Cornell's College of Engineering and the Creative Machines Lab. I graduated magna cum laude in Spring 2015, and finished my M.Eng later that year. NYC has been home ever since - first Manhattan, now Brooklyn. I like tea, foggy weather, and board games.

What I Do

Nowadays, my head is mostly filled with product-oriented PCBA and system design experience. I can lay out boards, write embedded firmware, and write host software. My skills extend across the entire product lifecycle; I make valuable contributions from top-level design all the way to mass manufacture and sustaining activities.

My oldest roots are in robotics, machine design, and general mechanical engineering. These skills tend to come in handy for designing and automating test fixtures, CAD'ing up enclosures, or doing the kind of static/dynamic analysis that would otherwise be left to chance for basic products.

What I've become is a sort of full stack engineer for hardware. This is extremely valuable for small companies and independent inventors who have unknown or changing needs. I have the experience to understand what challenges they may face, the skills to execute on most (if not all) of the engineering, and the context to identify what kind of additional talent or services might be needed to make the project a success.

Where I've Been

My life as an engineer started with FIRST Robotics back in high school. In the Creative Machines Lab at Cornell, I worked on the Fab@Home project with Jeff Lipton, and later on the Bitblox Project with Rob MacCurdy. I was a teaching assistant for classes in mechatronics, design, and system dynamics. I have held internships at BAE Systems, Procter & Gamble, and Empire Robotics. I have done freelance work for Formlabs, Seraph Robotics, RightHand Robotics, and many others. I spent 3 years changing the world as a hardware engineer at littleBits, and am currently building my freelance business and developing sustainable energy solutions as a Senior Electrical Engineer at BioLite.