This area is under construction. The items below can best be understood as "articles" containing details on my work, projects I'd like to share, or simple thoughts. They will become links as I get around to populating the content. Any burning curiosity can of course be assuaged by contacting me directly.

Bitblox Project
Creative Machines Lab research using small electronic boards as digital material for "printing" electromechanical assemblies. Published.
PCB Design
Sensing, drivers, communications, graphics... I have personal and professional experience with electronics design and fabrication.
Floppy Disc Orchestra
There are many YouTube videos of floppy disks playing music. I was inspired and built my own set, tossing in some coordinated lighting.
Laser Cut Crafts
Making structures from 2D profiles is much easier when a laser does all the cutting. Basswood and acrylic are my favorites.
Web Engineering
This website began as a simple project, but blossomed into a light full-stack skill set.
3D Printing Research
I designed a acrylic-body FDM printer in the RepRap/Cupcake era, and worked on the Fab@Home Project at Cornell University.
Cornell Portfolio
I did many things in undergrad... Let's talk about the ones I'm proud of! Potentially useful for current MAE students.
Thoughts on Teaching
Every teacher wishes they knew what their students were thinking. As an undergrad TA, you get awfully close.